Caught Napping

By Gianna Hartwright

‘Caught Napping’ is an exciting story that you really must read if you like the idea of being a detective and solving a crime. This is a book that you won’t be able to put down as you follow the adventures of Jonathan Jinks – a teenage boy who finds himself in the middle of a dognapping mystery, with dogs disappearing all over the local area, including the one that he was walking for an elderly lady.

Jonathan is determined to track down the villains, to prove how responsible a teenager he is, but there are many twists and turns in the story. All he can rely upon is his ability to see or hear things in his head, which helps guide him in his case-solving mission.

As you turn the pages, you must decide who are his friends and who are his enemies and whether he is right in trusting his feelings, or barking completely up the wrong tree. Will Jonathan triumph, or will all the dogs remain lost to their beloved owners? It’s a big mission for an 18-year-old. Will he succeed?

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ISBN Numbers:

978- 0- 9575697-5-1 for printed book
978-0-9575697-2-0 for eBook – Mobi
978-0-9575697-3-7 for eBook – ePub

Get to Know The Caught Napping Characters


Hi there

I’m Jonathan Jinks. It’s really cool that you’ve come to visit my online home – it’s a lot tidier than my bedroom at my real home, but boys will be boys! I’m 18 years old, supposedly intelligent and I’ve got olive skin and jet black thanks to my Mum being from Italy. My Dad was an Englishman. He isn’t around any more, as he died while on police duty, so now I just live with my Mum and my little sister.

I became a teenage detective purely by chance, as you will discover if you get your nose stuck in to ‘Caught Napping’, which you can buy either as a book or an e-book.

To sum things up, I didn’t sit my exams, as I didn’t want to go to University. I’ve always wanted to be in the police force like my Dad. Of course, when she found out what I’d done, my Mum went absolutely crazy, so I got a summer job in the local newsagent’s and then started walking an Alsatian called Max for his owner. One evening Max disappeared … and that’s where the mystery began. I was determined to find Max – and some other dogs that I also realised had gone missing and so started doing my own detective work.

I had to use a special skill of mine called ESP (which I didn’t know I had until I tried to solve this crime… but whether I cracked the case is something you’ll need to find out!).

If you have ESP you can sense things in your head, which is what I do. I then pick up pictures and messages that sort of tell me what’s going on – or, at least, that’s the theory. This is what I used when I was trying to work out who had taken lots of faithful and adorable dogs from their owners.

I also had to rope in a few friends, to help me with my detective work, so carry on reading and you can discover a little bit about them. Have fun reading!



Adam is my 18-year-old mate and he’s pretty much the opposite of me. He’s blonde, very laid back and I’d even say quite lazy. I really have to force him to do anything, but when push comes to shove, he’s a good friend. He’s also annoyingly trendy and handsome!



Bianca is a friend from school and is also aged 18. You can spot her a mile off thanks to her long red, curly hair. She’s very brave and full of fire and energy. Her family are very wealthy, but she’s not affected by that. She’s probably the most sensible girl I know.



Carl’s a bit older than me and in his late 20s. I first met him in my newsagent’s shop, when I spotted a dog bite on his hand. He lives on the local travellers’ campsite and drives a white and slightly battered transit van. His hair is a curly mess most of the time and he’s always wearing his old donkey jacket. I have to decide whether he’s friend or foe.

Louella Loudon


Louella is a famous London actress, so you may wonder how I know her. You will have to read the book to find out! I suppose you can say she’s pampered and over-dramatic and she’s undoubtedly a fashion queen, always dressed in designer clothes and carrying big brand name accessories. She lives in London most of the time, but has a country house close to mine.

The Dognapper/s

I’m certainly not going to tell you who the dognapper or dognappers are, but I will tell you that dognapping is becoming a really big crime in the UK, in the USA and Canada and in other parts of the world. The number of dogs disappearing is increasing every year, so if you have a dog, take good care of it and make sure you always keep it safe and secure.

Don’t leave your dog unattended outside a shop and try to keep it on a lead when walking it. Best of all, get it micro-chipped at a vet’s surgery. This will help you trace it, if it is stolen or lost.