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Another Book Off The Blocks

Posted on: July 2nd, 2015

My latest book is completed now and sent off to see what fate awaits its next, so it’s hard to say too much about it, but here’s a quick overview.


This book is set in London and has two principle larger-than-life characters, who I hope will make kids laugh an awful lot.  That has been so important to me, ever since I gave my creative writing workshops and I hope that I’ve achieved it.


Although the characters are not human, as such, they are oh so human, in many ways.  When I started the book, I think I began on a tack that was overcomplicating things.  Whilst I didn’t divulge what I was up to, a conversation I had in Bologna this year, with my friend Abdul, about a completely different book, saw me scurrying back to my hotel room for some late night rewriting.  What resulted was easier and much better!


The book also draws a tiny bit on my history background.  Whilst it’s not a ‘historical’ book, by any stretch of the imagination, the start of the plot is rooted in the history I first studied, when arriving as a Fresher at Cambridge.  A strategy employed by the two main characters then draws upon what I learned last at Cambridge!  I knew all this would come in handy one day!

Last night, I got terribly excited, because I realised just how easy it would be to base a board game on the plot of this story – not to mention Apps and lot of other things.  I love board games, and have long wanted to devise one – as has my mother!  I’ve struggled to think how to do that with other books, but the layout of this one is actually already in my head.


So that’s about all I can say.  It’s a waiting game for at least a month now … and I’m not terribly good at that, but getting a lot better, it has to be said!