Books Heading To Bologna!

Posted on: March 10th, 2015

ImageThings have been very busy at Gianna della Luna of late, but the great news is that we WILL be heading to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair and not just with The Befana Drama series.


We have another children’s manuscript available for sale and one which strikes at the very heart of issues in Britain at the present time.  Think Olympic legacy, the Britain is Great campaign on home soil, the need for communities to come together like never before and you may just get an inkling of what this book can offer.


This book is complete and we have sent it to an agent, but we’d love to be able to explain the story, in person, to English agents and publishers attending Bologna.  We see it as being a beautiful allegory that has much to teach us all, no matter bow old or young.  It has been inspired by the Chairman of a very large ethnic group within our society, who has a campaign that is gaining support at the highest level.  It would be fabulous to support his work with our very charming book, that we can see being adopted in schools across the country.


Although work is well underway on another children’s book – of the ‘funny’ genre and particularly of interest to boys – it’s unlikely to be finished by Bologna.  However, it will not be far off completion and I’m pretty proud of it.


There’s been some debate going on in my head as to which book to write thereafter, but today I got up, felt completely exhausted and suddenly had the most brilliant piece of inspiration.  I think it’s pretty safe to say, bar suddenly getting a demand for another book from Italy, that the book after the current one will be one for the girls.


So please get in touch if you’d like to meet up for a formal meeting, coffee, a piadina or something bigger in Bologna.  Maybe see you there!

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