Books In The Queue

Posted on: February 7th, 2015

Image 2The last few months, since October and the Frankfurt Book Fair, have seen many changes of personal circumstance, which have somewhat set back the current books and the writing of new ones.  Nevertheless, we have two new books about to enter the writing process and are determined to complete another YA half-finished novel.


Our ‘very English’ book is currently with agents and the message of the book has become incredibly strong, in part thanks to President Obama!  We just hope that people are enlightened enough to see this and understand exactly what the message of the book is.


The next book is a very boyish book and one that was scamped out over Christmas, before other things happened.  Life’s what happens when you’re making other plans and, in some ways, we have the choice to do whatever we wish with the books now. Everything has changed.
The next-but-one book may well become the next book, as it will be set in Bologna, where we shall be heading at the end of March (directly before Easter) to hold meetings about the Befana Drama series, while also skipping off to Tuscany, to have meetings with a PR client.  It will be great fun treading the streets of Bologna, with notepad and camera in hand, to capture locations and places in which the plot of this book can take place, before sitting down and enjoying an Aperol Spritz as reward for one’s hard work!  My hotel is already getting excited about the books, so maybe I’ll leave some that can be utilised in the Book Crossing scheme!

Apart from this spin-off book, however, the other three are all pretty British to the core and the aim will be to get all three to market by December (or long before that, if possible).  We may then start to think about an adult market book.  That could be fun.


Watch out for new marketing materials pre-Bologna and on-going initiatives to promote all books, across the world, of course!  We have some interesting twists in the tale now – reasons why keeping the faith was a very good idea!