Twists, Coincidences & More!

Posted on: November 8th, 2014

Image 19This has been a truly exciting week for The Befana Drama, with the completion of our first spin-off book, which I reported earlier in the week.  However, I’m now so hooked on this new series of books that I’ve already started to plan the next spin-off book.


The formula behind these books is very different.  It’s “the twist” my agent wanted and that’s what she’s got, so there’s no surprise that this second book will also have a twist.  I decided to base this book in Bologna for a particular reason, linked to the plot, which draws upon my own experience of that great city, which I visited in March.  Because of “the twist”, there’s quite a bit of research involved in these books, so I was diligently starting some while being pampered this morning.  To my amazement, I discovered that I could not have chosen a better setting than the one that I have, because it is the base of an organisation that’s at the heart of this particular twist!  I was really spooked by that, as it’s the latest in a series of unbelievable coincidences in relation to this book series’ journey.  It must be meant to be.


On the home front, I really must start pushing the very British book more, as that has a massive opportunity.  The man who inspired it says we could publish it through his future campaign, but I think it’s bigger than that, in a way, and should be used to support the campaign, but published elsewhere.  That’s what I need to work on.


I really must finish off another title, but it’s pretty hard to leave The Befana Drama right now.  We’ve already amended the front cover, to remove associations with Christmas for the Italian market, but there’s more to think about.


One of those things is merchandising, which my agent is already on to.  My advice to anyone with a high impact character is to protect it asap, which is what I did last August (2013), getting an EU trademark in place.  My character, who people keep telling me is so unique and of global appeal, is my creation and so she will stay.


There won’t be much writing done this weekend – well, there will, but it’s press packs, training manuals and press releases – but four hours on the motorway per day is proving to offer lots of thinking time.  I reckon we can be looking at three in this spin-off series by year end, but coinciding them with a major European event starting in May, could mean writing a lot more by then!


Can one woman change your life?  I know, without a doubt, some people who would say ‘no’, but I would say a big ‘yes’.  You just have to open your heart and let them in.  On that note, I love ‘Bef’.  She’s changing my life!