Thrilling Developments

Posted on: November 3rd, 2014

ImageWe’re absolutely thrilled to announce that we have completed the first of a new series of children’s books that spin off the Befana Drama and Befana Drama 2: Capriccia’s Conundrum and feature the compelling, all-action character, Bef, in a new role.


The book is the first in a new genre for Bef.  Although a little magic and fantasy is naturally sprinkled throughout, that isn’t the main focus.  But it doesn’t stop there, as these books are not only different in genre, but come with a 21st century twist that I, and my agent, are sure will make them unique.  This has been done to satisfy a massive publisher’s request and also to dovetail with a remarkable and unique global event, taking place in 2015.  The plot draws upon the same topics as that event, but in a truly innovative way.


This means we now have three books in the ‘Bef’ stable, plus Caught Napping and a fourth book that is completely different again, aimed at the British market and actually inspired by someone we’ve met during the course of our work in PR – a real community hero in a national sense.  That’s with an agent right now, but it could be that it comes to fruition through the campaign, for which a big budget is being put in place, rather than through a traditional publishing route.  I guess the advice would be to snap it up while you can – but isn’t that so often the case. When it’s gone, it’s gone.


Add to that a half-finished Young Adult book in a different genre again (which was abandoned to meet deadlines for book 4 and 5 )and there’s quite a little catalogue building up here.


Plots for more of the spin-off Bef books have been scamped out and these could well be written over the next few months, to create a string of Bef books behind which merchandising can sit.  My agent truly gets the fact that Bef is a brand and not just a book character, which is extremely exciting, because I know that when someone gets it, they see the massive potential – which she does.


These are exciting times indeed for Gianna Hartwright.  Thanks to everyone for your continued support.



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