Method in the Madness – While I’m Still Alive!

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014

There’s some exciting stuff going on over the next few days & weeks.  We can’t talk too much about the weeks, as it’s all up in the air right now, but as for the days …


People think we’re a little bit mad making Befana Drama 2’s e-book available for free download in the Kindle store tomorrow, but there is method in the madness.


For one, we will get some global critical mass – who knows, maybe Disney, Dreamworks or Warner Bros will download it and realise how perfect both it and its prequel are for a movie – and pupils and teachers around the country can’t be wrong on that score.


The second reason is method in the madness time.  This is, after all, book 2 and anyone with an ounce of curiosity would hopefully also want book 1.


Then there’s the chance to test Twitter and Facebook boosting, to see what impact, if any, that has, at a relatively low cost.  Already, we’re seeing Canada outstripping either the UK or USA on Twitter interaction, which in a way fits the feedback we’ve had from Italian communities in Canada and Il Postino – a major Italo-Canadian publication.


It also gives us figures and stats to throw at Italian and European publishers, but also enables us to assess whether or not translating the book into Italian ourselves would be worthwhile.  That is a biggie and would take £5k, but maybe it’s the best £5k we could spend, given the market stats from Italy that show how huge e-books are there.


As for the other longer-term exciting stuff, we’re unfortunately waiting for some news on my birthday (August 1) and the days after that, but the big thing is to work on a completely new, diverse and much shorter book in time for the end of September  – another instance of method in the madness.


Then there’s Frankfurt, first week of October.  I’m determined I won’t go there alone, as it doesn’t sound like it’s got any of the gioia I experience over 8 days in Bologna!  I am determined to make the evenings hours spent down some Bierkeller making up for the doom and gloom.  I just need to find someone who gets the books (and we’ll definitely have Befana Drama duo + at least 1 by then) and gets me enough to spend 3 (or is it 4) nights in Frankfurt.  Schnitzel and noodles all round!


So things are diversifying a lot within the book business and that will continue. While I’m still alive, there’ll be a book on some topic or other!



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